Training Delivery Options

We offer training on all of our products using a variety of different methods. This page describes each method so you can decide which is right for you.

We offer three primary training types: courses, workshops, and clinics.


Courses are defined by the Learning Services team as interactive sessions with multiple students and one or more instructors. These sessions cover a wide range of concepts. Students are able to experience the software directly with hands-on time throughout the session. The instructor will answer any questions that come up during the session. The student is expected to follow along and perform interactive class exercises to ensure they understand all the concepts covered. Courses are held either Online or On Site.


The hands-on workshops held by the Learning Services team focus on a specific topic, whereas a course will cover several related topics. For example, a Messaging Integration Workshop might include information on Microsoft Exchange Server and Lotus Notes, and how they both relate to the RightFax fax server.


The Learning Services team's clinics are one to two hours long and do not have a hands-on component. The sessions are still very interactive as the students can ask questions that will be answered during the clinic. A potential example would be a clinic that covers only a specific portion of the Lotus Notes integration with RightFax.

Interactive Online Courses

Interactive online courses are delivered over the Internet. You need an Internet connection, a computer with a web browser, and a phone or VoIP service. All interactive online courses teach the exact same material as the on-site courses.

US-based Interactive Online Courses

For our US-based interactive online courses we use WebEx Training. Each student will remotely control a dedicated training PC located in our Tucson, Arizona office. The student works with a set of virtual machines interactively or watches the instructor's desktop.

All US-based classes start at 9am Pacific Time (PDT).

On-site Courses

On-site courses are usually held at either our Tucson, Arizona office or our Hoofddorp, Netherlands office. On-site courses can also be held at your customer site to your specific requirements. For instance, if you do not need to learn Lotus Notes or now to create fax cover sheets, but you do need an introduction to the Integration Module, we can customize the course accordingly. Please contact FDDG Learning Services to find out more, including pricing and scheduling.

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