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Frequently asked questions about the Technology Partner Program

I am already integrated with FDDG products but not enrolled in the Technology Program. Am I missing something?

Enrolling into the Technology Partner Program (TPP) provides various other benefits such as continuous updates, joint marketing efforts and assistance in deriving the right value from integration. For full list of benefits please click here. Once enrolled, you will be entitled to a dedicated integration manager who will work closely with you to understand and address your integration needs.

We integrated with RightFax products a while ago, but have not tested our solutions with the latest software. What should we do to get the latest software and licenses?

That is one of the reasons we have designed the TPP. You will get updates and information through our newsletter and support services all year round. This makes it easy to keep track of all your integrations and to take action if you want to update to accommodate new technology.

Do you have web services APIs for connecting to RightFax?

Yes. We have both basic and advanced versions of web services API.

We have a billing software application used by hospitals. We need a very simple integration to send the fax right from our application to RightFax server. Is this possible?

Yes. In fact this is the simplest use case of leveraging the power of RightFax through seamless integrations.  You can send, receive, check status and integrate many other functions with the RightFax server.

What if my question was not answered here?

Contact us as at and we will be happy to answer anything and everything that we can!

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