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Send, receive, and archive faxes in SharePoint with RightFax

Your business needs to reduce the number of pieces of paper floating around because paper documents are expensive, unwieldy productivity killers. You need to do more with less by leveraging existing resources such as SharePoint document libraries and SharePoint workflows. You need to comply with regulations to reduce the risk of costly audit failure.

The OpenText RightFax Connector for Microsoft® SharePoint® solves these problems by letting you:

  • Send, receive, and archive faxes in SharePoint document libraries
  • Easily and quickly find one document out of thousands or millions
  • Comply with privacy, security, and other regulations
  • Prove transaction and documentation history for ediscovery and other legal needs
  • Send any document as a fax from the familiar SharePoint document drop-down menu
  • Automate document-centric business processes (e.g., loan application and approval)

Full Text Search

You can use a SharePoint TIFF iFilter to extract text from the fax images themselves and search by keywords. This allows you to find any fax by searching on its contents-the words contained within the fax image-as well as the fax's metadata.

Workflow Integration

Because the addition of a fax to a SharePoint document library is an event, it can initiate a SharePoint workflow and insert the incoming fax into that workflow. People can also subscribe to a SharePoint document library as an RSS feed, which opens up a whole separate world of alerting and workflow initiation. You can route fax images to a specific SharePoint library based upon fax metadata, so a fax can go to the person you want or directly into the process you want.

Cost Savings

OpenText RightFax saves companies money in many different ways including increasing employee productivity, centralizing administration, preventing audit failures, and reducing telephony costs. The RightFax Connector for SharePoint adds another way to save your company money: leverage the investment you have already made in SharePoint and in enterprise information governance through SharePoint.

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Advocate BroMenn Medical Center

"Open Text Fax Server integrated with Microsoft SharePoint is one of the best ways (to manage orders electronically)…we're now able to provide the services patients need in a more efficient manner with less hassle on the backend when the bill comes."    Adam Young, Field Project Lead

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