RightFax SecureDocs provides a centralized and secure document delivery solution enabling certified document exchange with third parties via the fax server

There is heightened concern for protecting information privacy, preventing fraud, and meeting tightened regulatory compliance guidelines in many industries.  Secure and confirmed delivery options for sensitive information are vital for things such as healthcare compliance and HIPAA. The OpenText RightFax SecureDocs Module brings together the best of fax and email to send documents via a centralized and secure document delivery solution that safeguards the transmission of your business documents from both the desktop and back-office applications.




Why SecureDocs?

While email and FTP sites are often considered the primary vehicles to send documents and transfer electronic information, they do not meet the security or regulatory compliance for the electronic exchange of sensitive documentation.

  • Standard email is not private and has no audit trail or delivery confirmation
  • Email systems restrict oversized attachments
  • Users and organizations are reluctant to use FTP sites
  • Email does not integrate for automated high-volume document deliveries

Benefits and Features

SecureDocs is an add-on module to OpenText RightFax that leverages the ubiquity of email as well as the security and auditing features built in to RightFax.

  • Delivery confirmation 
  • Encrypted and secure documents
  • Send documents in native file formats (i.e. Excel) 
  • Time stamped delivery verification
  • Secure email delivery of application-generated documents
  • Easy administration and auditing
  • Support for high-resolution and color documents


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