Inbound Faxing with OpenText Fax Server, RightFax Edition and Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging

faxRightFax has a long and stellar history of integrating fax server services with Microsoft Exchange Server. RightFax is an ideal solution for fax over IP (FoIP) and desktop email faxing when integrating with Microsoft Exchange. The market leader in fax server software, OpenText reduces costs, risks, and overhead associated with standalone fax machines and paper driven processes while integrating with a wide range of applications and devices.  RightFax securely delivers documents to help organizations with compliance initiatives.

Inbound Fax with Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging (UM) and OpenText Fax Server

Exchange Server 2010 opens a new partner-based model for fax interoperability with Exchange Unified Messaging. Inbound fax was a standard feature in Exchange 2007 UM, but Exchange 2010 UM has no inbound fax capabilities of it's own.

OpenText worked with Microsoft to develop fax functionality that would integrate with Exchange Server 2010. To create RightFax 9.4 FP1, OpenText followed a set of technical and business requirements developed by Microsoft for Exchange 2010 UM to ensure that fax capabilities can integrate seamlessly and are easy to use and manage. Exchange 2010 UM is an IP solution. The underlying fax technology specified by Microsoft and provided by OpenText Rightfax is a T.38 Fax-over-IP (FoIP) with SIP and support for SIP referrals.

The inbound fax features under Exchange 2010 UM support two kinds of users. First are employees who are accustomed to using unified messaging systems that include fax functions and who have phone numbers set up to receive faxes. The other users are IT administrators who have established policies and procedures for dial plans that work in conjunction with Exchange Server.

When a fax comes into an enterprise, Exchange Server 2010 UM forwards it to RightFax, which processes the document so it can be transmitted to, and viewed within, Outlook as a native fax message. By default, faxes are sent to Exchange UM and also stored in Fax Server. Employees can use the same contact number for fax and voice, eliminating the need for dedicated fax lines.

After the processing, Rightfax routes the fax through Exchange Server to the recipient's Outlook Inbox and to the Faxes subfolder. The original fax appears as an email attachment that a user can select and receive an in window view of the content.

Full featured in and outbound fax with Microsoft Exchange Server

The OpenText RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange is an optional add-on to RightFax, acting as a communication link between RightFax and Exchange Server. Connector for Microsoft Exchange allows users to conveniently send, receive and organize fax documents directly from Microsoft Outlook. Outbound email messages are picked up by RightFax, converted into fax format and transmitted. Incoming faxes can be automatically routed to an individual or group email mailbox. RightFax and Active Directory databases can also be synchronized using Connector for Microsoft Exchange.

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Inbound Faxing with Microsoft Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging

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