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OpenText partners with industry-leading vendors for multifunction printers (MFP) and multifunction devices (MFD) to bring advanced RightFax integration to devices from Ricoh, Xerox, Konica Minolta, and HP. This allows bi-directional communication between RightFax and the device's control panel for personalized sign-on and preferences. We call this advanced functionality a Personal Interface.

OpenText also delivers a Universal Interface to allow nearly all MFP makes and models to integrate with RightFax, Fax Appliance, and Alchemy.


 Universal Interface:  Personal Interface

Works with RightFax and Fax Appliance. Supported with any MFP that has scan-to-email capabilities.  

  • Send fax from device
  • Print fax notification back to device
  • Retain full audit trail, archiving, and privacy
  • Include custom fax cover sheet for all users

Works with Alchemy. Supported with almost any MFP.

  • Capture (scan) documents
  • OCR documents with full text for search
  • Instantly find any document
  • Print as part of workflow

Works with RightFax. Supported with many MFPs from Ricoh, Xerox, Konica Minolta, and HP. (Available features may vary slightly by make/model. Click your MFP vendor in the table below or contact OpenText sales for details on your devices.)

  • Provide interactive experience with RightFax at the MFP control panel
  • Personalize each MFP user's experience with individual fax account settings, user phonebook, notification preferences, and billing code lookup
  • Notify users of successful fax delivery via any RightFax method, including email, printout, etc.
  • Authenticate at the MFP with single sign on (SSO) so users provide the same credentials they use on their computer
  • Swipe a security badge to log in with card-based authentication
  • Include custom cover sheets on a per-group or per-user basis
  • Send an email from device easily

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