Fax Connectors for Konica Minolta MFPs

Save money and boost employee efficiency by integrating Konica Minolta bizHub MFPs with RightFax, FaxPress, and Fax Appliance

Konica MinoltaOpenText RightFax, OpenText FaxPress and OpenText Fax Appliance integrate with Konica Minolta MFPs-including bEST MFPs. Companies can consolidate all faxing services on the network. Users get faxing capabilities on the same Konica Minolta devices they already use for printing, scanning, and copying.

Integration Options

Simple SMTP Connector (Fax Appliance A10x only)

Fax Appliance supports all SMTP email clients so when you scan paper documents at your Konica Minolta MFP, it emails them to the Fax Appliance with automatic faxing instructions.

RightFax SMTP Connector for MFPs (RightFax only)

RightFax can easily fax paper documents using any Konica Minolta MFP with scan-to-email capability. Konica Minolta MFPs that are not supported by advanced, two-way RightFax connectors built for select Konica Minolta devices (below) may be supported by the RightFax SMTP Connector for MFPs.

RightFax Connector for Konica Minolta MFPs (RightFax and FaxPress)

Launched in 2004, the RightFax Connector for Konica Minolta MFPs provides an easy-to-use integration platform for integrating RightFax and FaxPress with the control panel on the device. It offers Konica Minolta bizhub users a Konica Minolta-tested and tightly integrated solution that delivers documents securely throughout the organization and externally to customers, suppliers and partners. With this connector you can:

  • Scan paper documents and fax them via RightFax or FaxPress
  • Set cover sheet options
  • Send as guest user or authenticated fax server user
  • Choose from normal or certified delivery
  • Enter cover sheet notes
  • Delay send
  • Enter two billing codes
  • Hold for preview
  • Print, email, or file drop fax status notification
  • Authenticated users can use their own personal phonebook
  • Organizations can use one MFP-specific phonebook accessed by all users faxing from MFPs

RightFax Connector for Konica Minolta bEST MFPs (RightFax only)

This new connector requires RightFax 10.5 FP1 or later and bEST-equipped MFPs. Choose from three user interfaces: iOption (embedded browser) with rich user interface; standard user interface; or a scaled down standard user interface for select A4 MFPs. In addition to the Legacy capabilities, this connector allows you to:

  • Select phone recipients from your personal RightFax user phone book
  • Use your personal RightFax user notification options
  • Automatically login when utilizing third-party or Konica Minolta card reader
  • Scan paper docs and send to RightFax for fax transmission
  • Select personal cover sheet & enter cover sheet comments
  • Send as guest user or as a RightFax user
  • Enter/look up billing codes

Supported Models

MFP Model Simple SMTP (FA)


SMTP Connector for MFPs (RF) Connector for Konica Minolta MFPs
Legacy (RF, FP) Native UI (RF) Web Browser UI (RF)
bizhub 25
bizhub 36 / 42
bizhub 223 / 283 / 363 / 423
bizhub 360 / 400 / 500
bizhub 361 / 421 / 501
bizhub 552 / 652
bizhub 600 / 750
bizhub 601 / 751
bizhub 654 / 754
bizhub 654e / 754e
bizhub 4050 / 4750
bizhub C35
bizhub C203 / C253 / C353
bizhub C220 / C280 / C360
bizhub C224 / C284 / C364 / C454 / C554
bizhub C224e / C284e /C364e / C454e / C554e
bizhub C250 / C251 / C300 / C450
bizhub C451 / C550 / C650
bizhub C452 / C552 / C52DS / C652 / C652DS
bizhub C654 / C754
bizhub C654e / C754e
bizhub C3350/C3850
bizhub C4050
bizhub C4750

Legend: FA = Fax Appliance, RF = RightFax, FP = FaxPress

Important Notes about Supported Models

  • All monochrome MFPs must be equipped with the optional Hard Disk Drive.
  • Color MFPs must not be equipped with an optional Fiery Controller.
  • All compatible MFPs must not be equipped with the optional Fax Board. When using the Fax Server connector, faxes cannot be sent or received through a telephone line connected directly to the MFP. If installed, the optional Fax Board must be disabled.


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