Streamline government document-driven processes and delivery.

GovernmentOpen Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition provides the most trusted method yet of sending and receiving millions of legal and regulatory documents every year for government agencies all over the world. A centralized document delivery hub supports regulatory compliance. Fax Server also provides tamper resistant document delivery and receipt as well as encrypted and certified delivery options.  

Open Text Document Server, Alchemy Edition is a cost effective document imaging and archiving system, providing solutions for small-to-medium government organizations and departments within the large agencies or the enterprise. Document Server provides a safe, secure, and highly portable archive for document storage and management, which is both simple to deploy and easy for users to work with. 

National, regional, and municipal government agencies all have intensive document delivery requirements designed to help them enforce, monitor, and administer compliance regulations. Many of these agencies also share a common mission-to serve the public with courtesy and efficiency in a manner that aligns with controlled budgets and remains open to community involvement.  Because so many document require signatures and secure delivery, government agencies of all types and locations need the most reliable, cost effective, and scalable fax server technology possible.  Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition delivers the most trusted, cost-effective, and integrated solution.  Open Text Document Server, Alchemy Edition provides government agencies an easy-to-use document management for efficient document storage, retrieval, and disposal.




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Testimonial - City of Fresno

"Fax Server is helping us cut costs in time and labor by e-faxing and tax payers are always looking to save money." Raj Nagra, senior network systems specialist, City of Fresno

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