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A reliable, feature rich, and cost effective network faxing solution.


Open Text Fax Appliance, 2500 Edition can be installed in most network operating environments. 2500 Appliance does not contain a hard disk. Its system software and job files must be stored in a designated network file server disk.

Network Operating Systems

To make this requirement as flexible as possible for the users, FaxPress can be installed in the following network operating environments:

  • Windows 2000/XP/2003
  • Windows Vista (FaxPress client only)
  • Novell NetWare 4.x/5.x/6.x
  • Linux

Fax Press Administration

FaxPress comes with a fully functional administration utility-Faxmain-which can be used as a centralized administration utility to monitor and administrate multiple FaxPress units. The most frequently used administration functions include:

  • Adding and deleting users; setting user properties
  • Configuring FaxPress server properties
  • Managing outgoing and incoming job queues
  • Managing phone books and cover pages

Sending and Receiving Faxes

FaxPress comes with a complete set of Windows based client software utilities and drivers to allow users to easily send and receive faxes from their Windows workstations. Depending on users' preferences, there are 5 different ways of sending and receiving faxes using FaxPress:

  • Sending and receiving faxes using the software utility-Faxmain
  • Sending faxes from within any third party Windows application
  • Sending and receiving faxes via the email system, i.e., Outlook, Lotus Notes or GroupWise
  • Sending and receiving faxes using your customized application software based on FaxPress APIs
  • Sending and receiving faxes using FaxPress Drop Directories

Personal and Corporate Phone Books

FaxPress supports internal personal and corporate phone books. FaxPress also supports ODBC based external phone books. This allows you to connect to existing databases and use them as phone books for faxing. ODBC Phone Book support allows the administrator to

  • Specify the external database to use as a FaxPress phone book
  • Create mappings between FaxPress phone book fields and the data base fields
  • Create different views of the database by specifying filters

The administrator can create any number of corporate phone books. Each corporate phone book can connect to a different database and contain any number of views (filters) of that database. Views can be created, for example, to show a customer list in a specific state, or country. ODBC Phone Book support provides a sophisticated yet intuitive user interface for the administrator to create all those views.

Once the views are created, they become visible to all the users. The end user can just use the Corporate phone books in exactly the same way they FaxPress native Corporate Phone Books. The end user can also create local ODBC Phone Books from their desktop.

FaxPress ODBC phone books can work with any ODBC compliant database, including:

  • Any SQL compliant DBMS servers-such as Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, Informix, etc.
  • ISAM type databases-such as dBase, Excel, FoxPro, Microsoft Access database

Personal and Corporate Cover Pages

FaxPress allows users to create their own cover pages while supporting a globally accessible corporate cover page. Cover pages can be created and edited using either Microsoft Word or the FaxPress cover page editor, giving users creative flexibility.

Email Integration

FaxPress can be integrated with various types of email systems to allow users to send and receive faxes directly from their email applications. It currently supports all the following email systems:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Other SMTP-compatible email systems

Castelle Intenet Faxing (CIF)

CIF is designed to allow FaxPress to transfer fax job files across the Internet. Both the sending and the receiving sides must be using an Open Text Fax Appliance for CIF to work. CIF can be enabled or disabled by the FaxPress administrator using Faxmain.

On the transmission side, FaxPress uses the routing table to identify the correct destination IP address of the receiving FaxPress. It uses the "fax number" provided by the fax job initiator to locate the matching IP address in the routing table. The routing table is sorted based on fax number. FaxPress should never get the wrong IP address.

If CIF for incoming job is enabled:

When FaxPress receives a CIF job, if the job's fax number matches its own fax number (according to line settings) then the fax job will be stored in the "assign line to user" incoming fax queue. By default, assign line to user is our "Unaddressed" user. Otherwise, fax job will be put in Outgoing fax queue and fax it out based on the provided fax number in the incoming fax job. If the fax number in the incoming fax job contains T-30 Sub-Addressing (e.g. 408-852-8103#1234##), incoming fax will be routed to the specific user's mailbox based on the matching mail box ID (e.g. 1234).

Single Sign On (SSO) for Windows and Novell Users

The Single Sign On feature in FaxPress 8.2/8.25 allows immediate access to FaxPress for Microsoft users, with no separate sign on required. For Novell network users, FaxPress provides NDS Management through Single Sign On (SSO), which enables user authentication and privilege level assignments through your NDS tree.

Citrix Terminal Server Support

FaxPress client software can be loaded on the latest version of Citrix XP Terminal Server platform to support published applications for Terminal Server clients.

PBX Integration Fax

Press has been tested for compatibility with various PBX's to support auto-routing of incoming faxes.

Fax Approval / Self Approval

Fax Approval provides the administrator with an easy-to-use mechanism for imposing approval requirements prior to processing a Send Fax request and for appointing approval authorities. Approval requirements are based on telephone access-local, long distance, or international phone numbers. Approvers are designated by their level of access privileges.

FaxPress has enhanced the approval mechanism to allow users to submit a fax and view the rasterized fax image and then decide if they approve of the appearance and content before allowing the fax to be sent.

Microsoft Word Mail Merge

This allows broadcasting of customized documents to multiple recipients.
Destination specific info (fax numbers, names, etc.) can come from any data source supported by Word mail merge. There is no need to enter each destination number by hand.

Fax Press Archive

FaxPress Archive provides five essential archival functions:

  1. All Fax Appliance servers can be backed up to a single database.
  2. Archives outgoing faxes, incoming faxes, and transaction logs for all Fax Appliance users.
  3. Creates archival transaction information for each fax or log and stores the data in a database.
  4. Allows users to view, sort, mail, print, and re-send archived faxes directly through Faxmain.
  5. Optimizes Fax Appliance performance by moving faxes from FaxPress Queues into the archive database.

Archival configuration parameters for FaxPress users are defined by the FaxPress Administrator through one simple configuration process. The configuration wizard prompts the administrator for the following information:

  • Specify type(s) and condition(s) of faxes (or transaction logs) to archive
  • Specify the archival frequency and storage format
  • Specify type of database to store the archival information ( SQL server or Access)
  • Define database housekeeping operations

Two modes are supported: backup mode and on-line archive mode. In backup mode the purpose is archiving for off-line, long-term storage with backups done once a day. In on-line archive mode, the faxes are continuously moved into the database and are visible, searchable, and can be filtered by end users through Faxmain.

Remote Client Software Installation with Group Policies, SMS or Z.E.N. Works

  • Desktop PC Clients can be auto-installed using Microsoft Group Policies
  • Desktop PC Clients can be auto-installed under Microsoft SMS.
  • Desktop PC Clients can be auto-installed under Novell Z.E.N. Works

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