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Thank you for visiting FaxDocs.TV - the original site of the RightFax and Document Server Video Channel.

Please be advised that we have moved.  All the videos can now be found on our OpenText FDDG YouTube Channel.

You can continue to access all videos by clicking here or by clicking on a specific playlist below.

Please update any bookmarks you may have in place.


Video Playlists

Fax 101 - Videos in the Fax 101 Series are for New Fax Users looking to get up to speed on our products



Fax Admin - Videos in the Fax Admin Series are for experienced Fax Server administrators looking to learn more about our products.



Product Integrations - Videos in the Production Integration Series are for anyone who wants to see our products working with another company's products.


Fax Appliance - Videos in the Fax Appliance Series are for anyone who wants to learn more about our Fax Appliance Series, including the F102 and the F104.


Product Introductions - Videos in the Product Introductions Series are for anyone who wants to learn about our offerings.


Fax Gateway - Videos in the Fax Gateway Series are for anyone who is interested in learning more about our Fax Gateways, including the 2100.


















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