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Success stories for RightFax healthcare, Fax Appliance healthcare, and Alchemy healthcare

Healthcare customers of all sizes trust OpenText as their electronic fax and document management platform. More than 10,000 healthcare organizations worldwide have chosen OpenText to provide fax and document management solutions.

Read our customer case studies and quotes below to find out how companies around the world benefit from our solutions.

A Large Hospital (U.S.)

University of Kansas Hospital increases efficiency, reliability, and security of life-critical medical documents with integrated solutions.

"RightFax really eases this process (availability of medical transcriptions) and helps us ensure the latest transcribed report is on their (physicians) desk in a timely fashion."

    - Keith Anetsberger, System Administrator

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A Regional Healthcare System (U.S.)

Memorial Health System teamed with OpenText Premier Partner Satori Solutions  to help eliminate paper-based processes, establish simple electronic workflows, and leverage existing network resources to help centralize and lower costs.  

"RightFax brings faxing capabilities to a centralized location where we can track communication very quickly."

    - Scott Port, Application System Administrator

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A Regional Hospital (U.S.) 

Advocate BroMenn Medical Center eliminates paper, automates order processing, and improves patient satisfaction.

"RightFax integrated with Microsoft SharePoint is one of the best ways to manage orders electronically…we're now able to provide the services patients need in a more efficient manner and with less hassle on the back end when the bill comes."

    - Adam Young, Field Project Lead

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A Large Disease Management Company (U.S.)

Healthways uses OpenText RightFax and Alchemy to speed the review process and comply with regulations.

"It's more efficient, but we'll also be able to show better metrics and reporting."

    - Dr. William P. Dorney, Vice President of Clinical Operations

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A Large Insurance Company (India)

Star Health and Allied Insurance significantly shortened claim authorization turnaround, enhanced customer satisfaction, and eliminated thousands of pages of paper resulting in significant cost reductions.

"RightFax helps us return quick responses to hospitals and customers."

    - Sethuraman Kannan, Assistant Vice President IT  

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A Large Hospital (U.S.)

Tyler Memorial Hospital saved $22,000 by automating document archival and retrieval. It also reduced records retrieval time by 50 percent, improved productivity, and decreased storage space and supply costs.

"When I saw the Fax Server (RightFax) and Document Server (Alchemy) integration, I was overjoyed. If physicians say they did not receive reports, it is easier to search and retrieve faxes, decreasing our risk for liability."

    - Kathe Barton, Health Information Management System Director

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A Regional Cardiovascular Clinic (U.S.)

Florida Heart and Vascular Associates ensures HIPAA-compliant document exchange history and saves thousands of dollars per year with Open Text Fax Appliance integrated with Konica Minolta bizhub MFPs, Allscripts electronic health records and practice management.

"With the detailed history we have through Fax Appliance, we ensure compliance with HIPAA, and we lessen the possibility of a lawsuit. That peace of mind is a big thing."

    - Chris Patterson, IT Administrator

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