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MESSAGEmanager supports a number of field-proven Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for fax, SMS and email services including .NET API, COM API, Web Service and Applications Connector. Message results, i.e. success or failure of a destination, can also be obtained via the fax APIs or email.

The Applications Connector supports applications in which the destination instructions can be included in an XML, ASCII, PCL, Postscript, PDF or any Windows file format. 

File Pickup allows address, file reference, priority, notification and attachment details to be submitted in a file to a directory polled by MESSAGEmanager. Fax and email messages can include attachments in Windows, PCL or Postscript format. SMS messages must be in ASCII format or include ASCII attachments.

The Network Print Queue Interface enables fax in Windows by allowing the Windows print queue to act as the transport from any mini, mainframe or network client application to MESSAGEmanager File API for fax and email destinations. Commands embedded in the document control the fax or email address, billing code, optional notification delivery details and other options.

The .NET API is a .NET 2.0 interface that allows third party client applications written in any language of the .NET family to send, receive, update and query outbound or inbound fax, SMS and email messages.

The Web Service is a W3C-compliant Fax Web Service interface to MESSAGEmanager services that enables third party client applications to send, receive, update and query outbound or inbound fax, SMS and email messages via a web service.

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