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Create a unified messaging solution with OpenText RightFax and Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 UM


The OpenText RightFax Connector for Microsoft® Exchange® is an add-on to RightFax, acting as a communication link between RightFax and the Microsoft Exchange Server.

microsoft partnerAs a Microsoft Gold ISV Partner, OpenText fully supports faxing with Exchange Server 2010. The RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange enables users of Exchange Server 2010 and prior versions to conveniently organize, receive, and send faxes directly from Microsoft Outlook.

RightFax and Active Directory databases can also be synchronized using the RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange. This ensures that both Active Directory and RightFax client information is consistently and correctly updated. With the RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange, fully customizable RightFax field mappings allow administrators to perform all user maintenance from Windows. Users created or modified in Active Directory are automatically updated in RightFax. This not only simplifies user administration, but also ensures accuracy and consistency between servers, saving both time and resources.

How it Works - Receive and Send Faxes through Outlook

Exchange Server UM Diagram

Outbound: With the RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange, users create fax messages directly in Outlook as they would create emails. Faxes can be addressed to one or more destinations automatically using the Outlook Contacts folder, or addressed manually using a simple dialog. The connector includes forms that let users select custom cover sheets, add library documents, assign billing codes, and more.

When an end user composes a fax message using Exchange, they can attach documents to the message as images or native files, just like an email. The email gateway, part of the RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange, passes the message as an Exchange email to the RightFax. The message and file attachments are converted into a standard fax message and delivered by RightFax. Notifications are sent back to the sender or the administrator.

Inbound: The RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange automatically routes incoming faxes to the Outlook mailbox. Custom icons allow users to easily identify fax messages in their mailboxes. The fax image itself is saved in the user's mail message as a file attachment.

Fax Support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging

Inbound-only fax to Exchange 2010 UM is supported by RightFax without the RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange. By adding the RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange, customers can enjoy all of the inbound and outbound capabilities of RightFax along with the benefits of Microsoft Unified Messaging.

Eliminate Fax Duplication on your Exchange Server with Web Delivery

For organizations that use the RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange to integrate fax and email functions, RightFax offers a web delivery feature designed to offload storage of large or high-volume fax images from the mail server.

Web delivery sends notifications of received faxes through email, but rather than attaching the actual fax image to the mail message, RightFax attaches a hyperlink to the fax location on the server. The user simply clicks the link and is taken straight to the fax image. RightFax Web Client is required for this feature.

Take Advantage of Active Directory Synchronization

With the RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange, synchronization between RightFax and Active Directory links user accounts in Active Directory to corresponding user accounts in RightFax. Modifications to any Windows user automatically apply to the linked user record in RightFax. The network administrator can specify which user accounts should be synchronized, the interval between synchronization and other conditions.


  • Create, managed, receive and send faxes directly within Outlook; organize, forward and respond to your faxes exactly the same as email messages
  • Enable inbound and outbound fax functionality for Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging systems
  • Generate and send new faxes easily to one or more contact addresses in an Outlook Contacts folder; include both fax recipients and email recipients in the same form
  • Administer your RightFax and Exchange systems from a single source with automatic Microsoft Active Directory database synchronization
  • Generate custom, automated notifications of sent and received faxes in Outlook
  • Track inbound and outbound faxes with the Exchange Message Tracking Log
  • Take advantage of automated redundancy and load balancing in multiserver environments
  • Use encrypted and certified document delivery from Outlook. (Requires RightFax Enterprise Suite)
  • Support multiple RightFax servers with a single Exchange server

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