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Manage all of your documents and data in an electronic file cabinet; a document system that lets you securely file, archive and find every document, no matter its original source

Organizations looking to qualify each and every technology investment will discover that OpenText Alchemy (formerly Captaris Alchemy) delivers document management solutions with a transparent and quantifiable ROI. Alchemy provides immediate access to documents, organizations can significantly reduce the time and resources to complete business processes. That means users can spend less time searching for documents and more time on high value tasks.

We understand what you go through…

  • Spending minutes or hours instead of mere seconds searching for a document
  • Valuable office space consumed by file cabinets full of paper
  • The ongoing pressures of an increasingly regulated, highly competitive business ecosystem

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The Challenge of Manual Document Processes

Look for the speed bump in practically any important activity in your organization, and you'll find...paper. The majority of the unstructured content in an organization is 'fixed' content. Examples include contracts, invoices, statement records, reports, technical documentation, and even email. There are a number of challenges related to this content:

  • Lost or misplaced information - Knowledge workers spend numerous hours searching for information that is never found and then many more hours recreating that lost content. Companies lose thousands of dollars per year per employee in wasted productivity due to lost and misplaced documents.  
  • Compliance and electronic discovery (ediscovery) issues - Organizations are under more pressure than ever to manage fixed content for compliance and risk reduction purposes. New e-discovery rules can lead to exorbitant costs for the unprepared company.  
  • Lack of integration with other applications - CRM, ERP, HR, ECM, claims processing, health information systems, etc.-all these applications need fast and accurate access to scanned and archived content but it is rarely accessible.  

An End-to-End Document Solution

It may seem like a daunting project to turn all of this content to digital, but you can actually bring savings, efficiency, and improved business results to your organization-and earn the thanks of people throughout your company. Alchemy is simple to deploy and enables organizations to capture, store, manage, archive and dispose of documents. And the tight integration with OpenText RightFax (formerly Captaris RightFax) means organizations can easily manage business critical documents from start to finish.

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