Document Capture

Simplify document capture across your devices

Your organization is likely struggling to deal with a huge variety of documents arriving from an endless number of sources both inside and outside of the company.

These documents are:   And might represent:
  • Arriving through the mail or hand delivered by couriers and vendors
  • Stacking up in MFP, fax and printer trays
  • Received by employees as email attachments
  • Saved from desktop applications such as Microsoft Word
  • Generated by third-party line-of-business systems
  • Purchase orders, bills of lading and invoices
  • Remittances, statements and checks
  • Contracts, policies and SOWs
  • Applications, resumes and references
  • Correspondence, memos and minutes

Without an efficient capture solution your employees can waste hundreds of hours hunting for and handling documents that could be just a click away. An unmanaged capture strategy also leads to individual ad-hoc capture practices. For example, the accounting team may be using scanner software to scan documents to their desktop, sales people may be relying on USB keys from tradeshows as their primary document storage medium, and others may be collecting, grouping and stacking files on their desks and around the office.  

The business processes you depend on can be driven by these documents or sabotaged by them. The information contained within these documents can lead to opportunity or open the door to risk.  It's time for documents to start contributing again.    

Alchemy is a document management solution that solves these problems by providing your organization's users with a single, easily-accessible and searchable content repository that captures and organizes documents from a variety of different sources. Users can scan documents into Alchemy from MFP devices and desktop scanners. They can save files into Alchemy directly from their Windows desktop as well as Microsoft Word and any other application that has a "Save As" option.

Alchemy manages volumes ranging from individual documents captured at an MFP to large batches of documents created by third-party systems and capture tools. 

Alchemy captures and imports documents from a range of sources including:
  • Multifunction print devices
  • Scanners
  • Fax servers and fax appliances
  • Desktop applications
  • Microsoft SharePoint & Exchange
  • Third-party capture platforms (Kofax, Psigen, etc.)

Document Capture Features

Scan individual documents or large batches containing multiple document types like invoices, customer correspondence and contracts. Capture all the text in a document or targeted sections using automated full-text and zonal document optical character recognition (OCR). Use Single Click Entry, barcodes , OCR templates and Automated Document Separation to scan, index, separate and store your documents securely in Alchemy:

  • Single Click Entry: Index documents quickly, without needing pre-defined OCR templates or manually keying in data.
  • Barcodes and OCR templates: Extract key metadata values from documents for rapid lookup.
  • Automated Document Separation: Convert batches of images into individual documents.  
  • Automated Folder Creation and Document Assignment:  Automatically create folders structures for incoming documents based on their contents.

By deploying Alchemy, you can ensure that your documents will be correctly indexed and categorized, making them easy to find through searching or browsing the document repository. Your document-dependent processes will be far less prone to errors and will take less time and fewer resources to complete. With all of your documents close at hand and in one place, you can comply with requests for information swiftly and confidently, mitigating the risk of fines or other business losses.  

The net result of deploying Alchemy is reduced payroll burn and more focus on the business.

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