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We Understand Your Needs

  • Unique Needs

    We understand that your business needs and technology requirements are constantly changing, are unique to your organization, and can be very complex. You need someone who understands your business environment and the competitive landscape for your particular industry.
  • Power of Integration

    A well designed and integrated solution delivers optimal value, empowers users, streamlines business processes, and reduces operational costs. Let us help you get extra miles out of your technology investments.
  • Expertise

    We have experienced designing and playing complex fax solutions and secure document delivery solutions in companies of all sizes, across disciplines and different industries. No challenge is ever too big for us.

Why Come to Us?

Know-how Access Going the Extra Mile
We are the enterprise fax, FoIP and secure information exchange experts, period. Come to the source directly. We will deliver the best solution for you. We work with a wide network of technology and integration partners. We will create the most cost-effective solutions for you with OpenText's wide range wide of portfolio products and technologies. Organizations can further optimize the value of their OpenText products through extensions and integrations with existing systems. This results in better business automation, improved control, and reduction of manual processes and operational costs.

Automatically Enhance your Fax Management and Business Processes

Solutions services address the entire solution design and development lifecycle. We provide a wide range of services from developing custom point-solution to capture and workflow solutions to integrating our products with your core business, ERP and CRM systems. We also offer a number of packaged solutions, as part of Solutions Catalog, which extend or enhance functionalities provided from standard products.

We Offer the Following Services:

  • Enterprise systems integration 
  • OpenText product integrations 
  • Extended functionalities via Solution Catalog 
  • Fax management, automation, workflow and capture solutions 
  • Secured information exchange solutions

Engaging us is simple, fast and effective. Give us a call at the number above or email <> for more information! 

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