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As physical storage space becomes increasingly expensive, digital storage is more cost-effective than it has ever been. Many organizations have attempted to solve the physical storage issue by simply adding external hard drives, increasing NAS capacity, or adding space to file servers. This strategy may reduce physical storage needs, but it creates more serious problems for content management:

  • Users frequently have to search for documents multiple times to find and combine related documents stored in different places.
  • Users cannot access documents externally from the web or line-of-business applications.
  • Users have no way of knowing if they are working with all the documents that may be available.
  • Users have no way of tracking document access and usage, or limiting the actions other users can perform on sensitive documents.   

Documents scattered across physical and digital storage devices prevent you from effectively responding to requests for documents such as audit or legal discovery.

Alchemy document management solves these problems by providing you with a central, secure and auditable content repository in which you can easily search for documents from a range of clients and devices.

Alchemy provides a range of document access options:

Alchemy Desktop Access is a suite of full-featured interfaces designed for users who frequently work with documents and need the ability to search for, add, view, and edit documents quickly. Alchemy Web enables users to interact with documents anywhere through a simple web browser. 
Alchemy File Connector is ideally suited to casual or less technical users who can work with the Alchemy document repository as if it were simply another Windows folder (a drive letter). A comprehensive API lets you access documents directly from other systems such as ERP or CRM applications.


  • Text search "Google style" to find documents based on a word or group of words that might exist anywhere on a document.
  • Search for documents "database style" based based on specific data fields such as invoice number or status.
  • Provide customers, partners or constituents with public or controlled access to documents stored in Alchemy using Alchemy Web.  
  • View more than 300 document formats without installing the native application for each document type.  
  • Open documents directly in applications like Microsoft Word and save them back as a new versions linked to the original.  
  • Save directly into Alchemy from almost any application or even "print" into Alchemy as a TIFF or PDF.  
  • Group collections of documents and send them as email attachments, zip files or web links.  
  • Deliver documents on portable media such as USB storage devices and DVDs that include a dedicated Alchemy Search Client for the recipient to use.

Alchemy simplifies and accelerates the process of accessing documents through a central, secure document repository, reducing payroll burn associated with employees needlessly hunting for documents in filing cabinets, desktops and drives.

Alchemy's range of document access options enables companies to easily marry the user with the most suitable document interface for them, reducing learning curves and training costs.

Alchemy's document viewing technology means organizations can save on application licenses for users who need only access and view specific file types.

Organizations can protect their content by centrally managing document access and restricting the actions that can be performed on available documents.

Companies can reclaim expensive physical document storage space and avoid costs and inefficiencies associated with unmanaged ad-hoc desktop storage devices. 

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