Consulting and Training

Post-deployment consulting and training for FDDG customers

We Understand Your Needs

  • Unique Needs

    We understand your business needs and technology requirements are constantly changing, are unique to your organization, and may be very complex. You need someone who understands your business environment and the competitive landscape for your particular industry.

  • Urgency

    You need results fast. Whenever there is a technical need, our experts can support or augment your staff.

  • Simplicity

    There is already enough complexity managing technology and business processes. We will do our best to keep everything else simple for you.

Why Come to Us?

Expertise Ease Unparalleled Service
We are the enterprise fax, FoIP and secure information exchange experts, period. Come to the source directly. We are glad to help. We know your time is valuable. We provide consultation support and training tailored to your needs, delivered quickly and simply. Get more out of your investment by learning more about our product capabilities, new features, and options. Find ways to further streamline your fax management and business processes. 

Consider Us Your Trusted Wingman

We offer a broad range of business and technology consulting services depending on the scope, complexity, and objectives of your organization's technology and operations initiative. You can engage us at any points in your project to provide expert assistance in product planning, solution design, project management, general technical consultancy and customized training. When it comes to applying our products to solving real-world business problems, our Consulting and Training Services are second to none.

We Offer the Following Services: 

  • Design and architecture
  • Capacity and disaster recovery planning
  • Systems and infrastructure assessment
  • Product training and consultation
  • Deployment planning and project management support
  • Industry-specific consultancy

Engaging us is simple, fast and effective. Give us a call at the number above or email <> for more information!

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