Alchemy Editions

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Alchemy Editions Overview

  • Workgroup Edition is ideal for small teams looking to capture, manage, share and archive documents within the corporate firewall.
  • Small Department Edition is ideal for larger teams and small departments which require all the Workgroup Edition features plus web access to documents, COLD/ERM and batch capture of images and metadata generated by document imaging systems.
  • Large Department Edition includes all the core features scaled up to meet the demands of multiple teams and larger departments.
  • Multiple Department Edition provides high-capacity document management for departments working together across the enterprise.

Alchemy Editions Chart

Work-group Edition Small Dept Edition Large Dept Edition Multiple Dept Edition
Maximum Number of Users 10 50 125 300
Capture from scanners and MFP devices
Drag and drop documents from the desktop
Index the entire contents of a document (full page)
Index specific fields within a document (zonal)
Save Files into Alchemy directly from any Windows application or drive letter
Print documents directly in Alchemy as TIF, PDF and other file formats*
Capture COLD/ERM report data
Capture third-party image files & meta data
Send documents to Alchemy using the Windows right-click menu
Index documents in a single click
Index documents using data from line-of-business system
Automate document separation
Capture document from Fax Server or Fax Appliance
*requires freely available third-party drivers
Number of document types supported in viewer 300+ 300+ 300+ 300+
Access Alchemy documents using a desktop application
Perform full text document searches
Perform metadata field searches
Web access to Alchemy
Access Alchemy Documents using the File > Open Dialog in an application
Access Alchemy documents through a Windows drive letter
Access documents through a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer
Access documents using Microsoft SharePoint
Share, Collaborate, & Process
Route documents to users
Automatically route documents based on meta data values
Automatically check for missing documents
Check documents in and out with version control
Retain and Distribute
Distribute documents with royalty-free Alchemy search application
Create Alchemy document links to send to users via e-mail
Set retention based on document age
Set retention based on document metadata
Generate retention reports
Legend: = Included = Optional

Supported Document Formats

Text & Word Processing

Microsoft Word, WordPad & Works, .MSG, ANSI, ASCII, HTML RTF, Lotus AMI/AMI, Manuscript & Word, DisplayWrite, Enable, First Choice, Framework, IBM Writing Assistant, JustWrite, MacWrite, MASS11, MultiMate, Navy DIF, Nota Bene, Office Writer, PC-File Letter, Perfect Works, PFS, Professional Write, Q&A Write, Samna Word, Sprint, StarOffice Write, Total Word, Volkswriter, Wang PC (IWP), WordMARC, WordPerfect, WordStar, WPS Plus, XyWrite


MS Excel (Win & Mac), Works (Win & Mac) Lotus 1-2-3, Symphony Enable, First Choice. Framework, Mosaic Twin, Perfect Works, PFS: Professional Plan, Quattro Pro, SmartWare, StarOffice, VP Planner.


MS Access, MS Works (Win & Mac), DataEase, Enable, First Choice, FoxBase, Framework, Paradox, Q&A, R:BASE, Reflex, SmartWare.


Microsoft PowerPoint (Win & Mac), Corel/Novell Presentations, Harvard Graphics, Harvard Graphics, StarOffice


BMP, GIF, IMG, JPG, PNG, TIF AutoCAD (DWG) & MicroStation (DGN) AmiDraw (SDW), CALS Raster (GP4), Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM), Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language (HPGL), Lotus PIC, Snapshot, Paint Shop Pro (PSP), PC Paintbrush (PCX and DCX), Portable Bitmap (PBM) Grey Map (PGM) Pixmap (PPM), Truevision TGA (TARGA), Visio (VSD), WBMP, Windows Enhanced Metafile (EMF), X-Windows Bitmap (XBM), Dump (XDM), Pixmap (XPM).

Compressed Formats


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