RightFax SAP Integration

Send and receive faxes from SAP systems.

Companies need to optimize their investment in SAP by reducing costs and improving efficiency. OpenText offers a fully certified solution for document delivery into SAP and from SAP to extend the value of your investment.

Organizations can automate delivery of business-critical information from SAP systems via fax, email, certified email, PDF, and SMS. Organizations can reduce document delivery costs up to 90 percent by eliminating expenses associated with manual document delivery processing such as preprinted forms, postage, labor, and equipment costs. RightFax delivers documents securely, ensuring that important communications reach the intended recipient with notification, authentication, certified delivery, and audit trail.

Certified RightFax Connector for SAP ERP

The certified OpenText RightFax Connector for SAP® ERP uses the latest SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK to let SAP users send and receive faxes directly from SAPoffice and other SAP applications. The RightFax Connector for SAP ERP offers inbound and outbound fax functionality to SAP users through a gateway between the SAP system and the RightFax server using the SAPconnect and SAPoffice interfaces. The connector software is installed on the RightFax server and is run as a service. You do not need to install any software on the SAP client.The RightFax Connector for SAP ERP lets you use SAPoffice to send and receive faxes with automatic notification and full audit trail. You can include objects such as forms, signatures, and library documents when sending.

Creating and sending a fax from SAP


Advanced Fax Features in SAP

SAP has several fax control features that RightFax also provides. Organizations may use the features of either or both systems. Features include:

  • Fax Cover Sheets: Both SAP and RightFax can automatically generate fax cover sheets. With the RightFax Connector for SAP ERP, you can choose to use SAP coversheets or RightFax cover sheets. When using RightFax cover sheets, SAP passes all of the data (fax number, name, company, etc.) to RightFax.
  • Batch Faxing: With RightFax, organizations can submit faxes to be grouped into a batch and sent later at a prescheduled time. Batch faxing can be useful for holding low priority faxes until after hours when more fax channels are free, or for sending faxes at off-peak hours to save long-distance telephone charges.
  • Dialing Rules: Both SAP and RightFax allow configuration of special dialing rules that can modify outgoing fax numbers. Dialing rules send each fax via the lowest-cost route based on destination number, and add appropriate prefixes (such as "91" in the US). In SAP data, these are called "exception rules" and are configured for each node. RightFax, however, includes a much more comprehensive "pattern matching" dialing-rule scheme which is more flexible.
  • SAPscript: The RightFax Connector for SAP ERP recognizes several special SAPscript codes that allow users to add fax control commands to their output forms. The SAPscript codes can include RightFax cover sheet information, attach RightFax library documents, specify delivery and notification instructions, and more.

For more informartion, view or download this RightFax SAP Integration Solution Overview PDF.



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